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Life span and the strength of a building depend upon the quality and strength of the foundation. Same way life and strength of a nation depend upon the quality education its children are imparted. Future of a nation lies in the way its children are nurtured and groomed, so as to excel in all walks of life they have to travel through to meet expectations not only of the parents but of the nation. The knowledge, the wisdom, the “Sanskar” the belongingness and the rich heritage have been a credit to rightly nurtured and brought up citizen. This had been made possible  by ethics of education instilled by the “guru” in an ancient “Gurukul”. Today in the cyber age everybody hankers for material progress and achieving targets. No body talks of values, ethics, moral culture and heritage. We at DAV aim at grooming children, the future citizens who are front runners of success, with perfect blend of rich heritage of Indian culture and modern knowledge of present era of information technology,so as to goal at all round development of the personality of the child.

Reins of DAV Co- operative Sr. Sec. School which established in 1974 was taken over by DAV College. Trust and Management Society in 1987. Since then DAV Co -operative Sr. Sec. School, Khalari has no looking back. DAV has raised a palatial building on 2 acres piece of land with infrastructure and allied facilities of elite standard.

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DAV Co-Operative Senior Secondary School
Ranchi, Jharkhand - 829205
Phone :  9304611156
Contact Time : 8: AM to 2 PM (During School hours)
E-Mail : davpskhalari@gmail.com
Website :www.davpskhalari.org

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